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Posted on May 19,2014 by Admin
We are engaged in offering all types of Low Pressure Drop Silencers that are available in different sizes and technical specifications. These products are manufactured by making use of advanced technology and premium quality raw material. Owing to their features like corrosion-resistance, durability, long service life and high performance, these products are highly appreciated by the clients.
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DDSTHA Mechanicals, are one of the India's Largest and biggest Manufacturers, Suppliers and solution provider for Acoustic Enclouser / Sound Proof Enclousers, Acoustic Canopy / Sound proof Canopy / Canopies, Room sound proofing / Noise proofing, acoustic / Sound proof treatment for rooms, acoustic / Sound proof silencers, acoustic / Sound proof louvers, Acoustic / sound attenuators, Sound / noise barriers, acoustic / Sound proof partition wall, acoustic / sound proof door, industrial acoustic door for machinery rooms, industrial acoustic door for plant rooms, industrial acoustic door for engine test room, industrial acoustic door for process and production, Acoustic Enclouser / Sound Proof Enclousers for turbines, Acoustic Enclouser / Sound Proof Enclousers air blowers, Acoustic Enclouser / Sound Proof Enclousers d.g.sets / Generator sets, acoustic / Sound proof commercial silencer, acoustic / Sound proof residential silencer. Located at Noida, NCR to Delhi, has all the latest machines and equipments to full fill any demands and requirements.

Acoustic Enclouser / Sound Proof Enclousers

Soundproof / Acoustic enclosures are designed to isolate noisy equipment from employees or adjacent neighbors. For the most effective sound isolation and sound control and noise control, the following features and criteria need to be considered:
  • Accessibility For Production & Maintenance
  • Access Doors For Controls, Personnel or Equipment
  • Proper Ventilation to Prevent Heat Build-Up
  • Viewing or Observation Windows
  • Power Supply to Equipment/Receptacles
  • Lighting Requirements – Standard/Explosion-Proof
  • Enclosure With Floor and/or Vibration Isolators
  • Penetrations
  • Intake Duct/In Feed
  • Discharge Duct/Out-Feed
  • Conduit/Piping
  • Ventilation/Silencers
In industrial environments, reverberation and reflected noise from machinery can easily exceed statutory limits and cause a serious health risk to production staff. SoundProof Enclosures or Sound Proof Canopy in India from DDSTHA reduce noise pollution from noisy plant and machinery without reducing the efficiency or cleanliness of the plant during normal operations.

DDSTHA Sound Proof Canopy offers the following benefits and key features:
  • Noise reduction from 15dB(A) to 50dB(A)+
  • Vibration isolation, noise-controlled, shock-resistant systems
  • Exhaust gas removal for combustion engines
  • Indoor or outdoor applications
  • Integration of lighting, ventilation, fire fighting systems, air-conditioning etc
  • Full installation service
  • Modular solutions

Acoustic Canopy / Sound proof Canopy / Canopies

Our organization is one of the prominent names, engaged in manufacturing and supplying Sound Proof Enclosure/ Acoustic Enclosure / Canopy for heavy noise generating machines. We offer these to our clients in different sizes and colors at highly competitive prices. Moreover, these can be customized in various specifications as per the requirements of our clients.

Do you have a problem with industrial noise?

Industrial noise can come from a variety of sources. High noise levels have a negative effect on employee morale and productivity. Excessive noise can increase fatigue, shorten attention span and cause permanent hearing damage. DDSTHA Acoustical has extensive experience in this area of noise control. We target specific areas of concern and provide solutions to reduce or eliminate harmful noise. Our team is committed to helping businesses provide a safe work environment for their employees while improving overall efficiency.

In automotive plants, soundproof curtains, acoustic foam baffles and panels are installed to block industrial noise.

  • Sound Deadening Acoustical Barrier Enclosure
  • Acoustical Enclosures that utilize noise blocking curtains are used to contain and reduce excessive noise from industrial robots and machines.
  • Soundproofing Needed For Industrial Machine
  • We design and build acoustical enclosures to surround large industrial machines
  • Soundproof Semi Anechoic Chamber
  • Acoustical wedges are installed within enclosures and hemi-anechoic chambers to provide controlled environments for sensitive analysis, testing, and critical noise readings.
  • Sound Deadening Hard Testing Enclosure
  • Acoustical Enclosures are designed and built to provide ideal environments for testing labs
  • Acoustical Sound Deadening Curtain
  • Noise blocking curtains are custom designed to surround loud machinery and contain unwanted noise.
  • Room sound proofing / Noise proofing
DDSTHA hands-on experience as Soundproofing Company is uniquely qualified to address your soundproofing problems. We offer our experience to you through our consultations, case studies, installation guides, technical sheets and certified laboratory testing.

We have gone to great lengths to test and review all soundproofing solutions for soundproofing floors, soundproofing ceilings and soundproofing walls.

DDSTHA would like to make sure your project goes smoothly and that you aren’t omitting a key element. We feel it is very important that we consult with you before you purchase anything. These consultations are part of our service and are offered at no cost to you. Let the Soundproofing Company help you find the right soundproofing solution the first time.

The Noise is controlled by providing Acoustic lining on walls & ceiling, all ordinary doors / shutters are to be converted in to sound proof doors in DG Rooms Acoustic Treatment . The proper Air ventilation system is designed to allow the maximum aspiration and cooling airflow required so the engine does not overheat. Axial flow fan of required size & number provided for proper Air ventilation. Acoustic Attenuator & Insulated ducts are provided to suppress the noise where required.

Commercial Silencers:

We provide excellent range of Silencers. Under this range, we include Residential Silencer and many more.

These products are extensively used in generators for making low noise while operating. The offered range are appreciated for their features such as durability, high performance and low maintenance.

Residential Silencer

We are reckoned as a reliable firms offering Residential Silencer to our valuable customers. These products are manufactured using quality mild steel and is dome shaped, which provides more durability. Available in different specifications, our range can also be customized to meet the specific application requirements of our client's.

Acoustic Louvers:

Acoustic Louvers are designed for maximum sound reduction when space is limited. Available in various material types intended to be used where space is limited. These louvres are available with a powder coated finish.

Acoustic Sound attenuators:

Acoustic Sound attenuators are galvanized steel construction high performance, to ensure lowest resistance to airflow with maximum may be installed vertically or horizontally. The square and rectangular type attenuators are designed for handling maximum air capacities at minimum pressure drop, available with a powder coated finish. The noise barrier / acoustic partition wall is an engineered modular sound panel system designed for high sound reduction of outdoor noise control. The barrier wall is typically used outdoor to control mechanical noise, transportation noise and other disturbing noises produced by chillers, fans, transformers, compressors etc.

Acoustic Doors

We supply a range of architectural and industrial acoustic doors suitable for many purposes. Manufactured single or double leaf, hinged or sliding, our doors are available from our standard range or designed to suit your requirements.

Safety features, i.e. vision panels can also be incorporated upon request.

Available in steel powder coated finish in desired colour, our acoustic doors are designed to minimise sound transmission and to provide further privacy in any industrial or architectural application, including: Industrial Acoustic Doors.

For Machinery Rooms For Plant Rooms For Engine Test Room For Process & Production Areas etc… etc.. Our acoustic door sets incorporate the latest manufacturing and sealing techniques providing high acoustic performance, it is important to understand that when considering the overall noise reduction properties of any room or structure then all relevant elements should be considered including any walls, ceilings or floors as it is the combined acoustic insulation of the entire room or structure providing best results for maximum sound insulation or noise breakout.

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