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Oil and gas exploration, drilling, processing and distribution typically involve a vast array of equipment and processes, all of which combine to create high levels of noise emissions. Addressing these noise issues often brings additional challenges of extreme environments, particular temperature, humidity and location.
Acoustics acoustic technology is utilized in many key oil and gas installations worldwide where we have successfully addressed particularly complex noise and environmental challenges.

Typical processes:
Pumping and fluid handling systems
Compressors and compressor packages
Emissions treatment
Inlet filtration
• Air Inlet systems

Typical applications include:
Electric Motors

Products supplied include:
Acoustic Enclosures
Acoustic Blankets
Inlet Silencers
Inlet Filter Silencers
Discharge Silencers
Blow off silencers
Sand Trap, weathercowls for particular applications
Noise attenuated air inlet and outlet systems for enclosure ventilation

Oil and Gas