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Power Generation The movement of air and gas, often at high pressure, typically poses a variety of noise challenges within power and power generation applications.
Acoustics has extensive expertise over many years of treating such noise problems in some of the world’s largest power and power generation applications.

Typical processes:
Our technology in this sector operates typically within processes such as :
Boiler applications Flue Gas desulperisation processes
Exhaust Gas systems
Air filtration systems
Material Handling Systems

Typical applications:
Boiler Draft fans
Cooling Tower Fans
Combustion fans
Electric Motors

Products supplied include:
Acoustic Enclosures
Rectangular and Circular Inlet Silencers
Inlet Filter Silencers
Discharge Silencers
Blow off silencers
Exhaust Silencers
Noise attenuated air inlet and outlet systems for enclosure ventilation Ancillary products suited to specific environmental conditions

Sand Trap
Weather Louvres

Power Generation