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Acousatic Metal Panels


Acousatic Metal Panels Description:

DDSTHA has been engaged in manufacturing and supplying of a wide range of Acoustic Metal Panels as per the needs and requirements of various industries. They are used for industrial, commercial purpose as well as for application in residential area as well. We try to provide the excellence with good quality material and service in best market price. Also, our provided acoustics metal panels are known for their soundproof nature and robust structure. Acoustic Metal Panels can be used to control noise travelling from one area to other areas. These panels can be used as noise barrier also. These panels are extensively used material for sound proof wall panelling, acoustic treatment wall partition etc. These panels come in a wide range with different specification and are provided as per the client’s needs. Some of the applications of acoustic metal panels are: Offices, Auditoriums / halls, hotels, Banquet halls, University and colleges, theatre’s, Lecture Halls and Meeting rooms, home, studios etc.

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Some other type of industrial and commercial acoustic available are-

Acoustic Hood, Acoustic Booth, Soundproof Booth, Noise Pollution Control Equipment, Acoustic Ducting And Cladding etc.