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Acoustic Barrier/ Noise Barrier Wall


Acoustic Barrier/ Noise Barrier Wall Description:

We at DDSTHA, design, manufacture & install a complete range of High-performance Acoustic Noise Barriers to solve a wide variety of environmental noise pollution problems. In practice, a combination of these two types provides an ideal performance & aesthetic look. There are many factors are which are considered while designing Industrial Noise Barrier like Acoustical adequacy, barrier materials, barrier locations, barrier dimensions & shape as well as non-Acoustical considerations like life expectancy, maintainability, structural integrity, safety, aesthetics, vision blocking, etc. We are the manufacturers and suppliers of superior quality industrial noise barriers with a durable amount of sound barrier walls that will help you to prevent yourself from the number of noises that will deflect you from within the parameters so that you are not able to hamper you’re working at any cost... Our range of services is expanded majorly with an emphasis and focus on the thickness as well as varied colours to opt for the maximum amount of output.

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• Noiseless
• Long life