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Acoustic Blower Enclosure


Acoustic Blower Enclosure Description:

We are engaged in designing and manufacturing of Acoustic Enclosures for Blowers and they are available with different specifications as per requirements. They are steel sheet fabricated to ensure resistance against corrosion. They are built for strength, easy access, and weather resistance. Since mass and rigidity are required for sound attenuation. Furthermore, doors are hinged and are provided with high quality gasket to avoid leakage of sound. These enclosures for the blowers use hoods, ducting and louvers to increase air flow with low emission and proper ventilation, silenced air intake and exhaust fan. At the opposite end of the enclosure, a shroud allows cool air to be drawn in. This system is available on high temperature applications. Oil and drain extensions are also provided for easy oil changes without having to enter the blower. During the development stage, aesthetics and accurate sound levels are taken into consideration for noise reduction. The enclosure protects the machine from all the weather conditions, fire, humidity and dust. There is also provision for illumination inside enclosure and glass window panel viewing. Hence, we try to offer you the best suitable blower enclosure with best prices.


• Noise reduction as per CPCB norms
• Weather resistance
• Ideal for Industrial application, precisely designed