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Turbine Acoustic Enclosure


Turbine Acoustic Enclosure Description:

We design and install Turbine Acoustic Enclosure, these enclosures does not provide a one size fit all solution. Hence they are custom made. The custom-fabricated sound attenuating or acoustical turbine enclosures can also be made to conform to a wide variety as the client’s specifications require. The Turbine acoustic enclosure comprises of collapsible type Acoustic Wall and Roof Panels assembled on bolted structure. The enclosure will be provided with soundproof doors and glass windows in adequate numbers. To remove the built up heat inside the enclosure is provided with forced ventilation system included exhaust blower, ventilation exhaust silencer, ventilation intake silencer. The opening that are made for piping, cables etc. are sealed acoustically and the enclosure is fitted with fire and gas protection system. The noise pollution board norms for Turbines enclosure is 85 dB (A) at one meter from the enclosure surface.


• Ventilation access
• Fire safety system
• Noise reduction as per norms
• Durable and long service life